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VIRAL: The Chainsmokers amazed by Pinoy pen-drummer

A Filipino child with a particular ability for transforming pens into percussion instruments has gotten the consideration of American diagram topping DJ couple The Chainsmokers.

Back in March a year ago, Dineson Cañeda transferred on YouTube a video of him tapping out the multifaceted rhythms of The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down” utilizing just his clench hands and a couple of pens.

On Tuesday, The Chainsmokers at last saw him and shared his video to their more than six million devotees on Facebook, keeping in touch with: “YOU WORK WITH WHAT YOU GOT! Regard TO THIS LEGEND.”

Apparently energized over being perceived by his objects of worship, Cañeda said in answer: “Much thanks THE CHAINSMOKERS. IT REALLY MADE MY DREAM CAME TRUE.”

Like what has as of now been stated, the percussion wiz child is from the Philippines. His YouTube direct where he flaunts his stunning aptitude and pen-drumming abilities has more than 80,000 supporters and about 9 million perspectives.

This isn’t the first run through The Chainsmokers, who have performed in the Philippines, perceived neighborhood ability. “Till I Met You” stars James Reid and Nadine Luster couldn’t trust it back in September when the hitmakers “enjoyed” their front of “Closer” on Instagram.

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